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Industrial textiles is going into the rapid development period

  • Author:Orient Honest
  • Source:www.china-disposable.com
  • Release on :2017-03-01
China Industrial Textiles Industry Association, the latest data show that in 2016 industrial textile industry, industrial added value, total profit year on year increase of 9.1% and 8.3%, sales profit margin of 6.2%, were significantly higher than the same period the average level of the textile industry.

China's industrial textiles industry has embarked on a strategic development of the fast lane, is facing the textile industry's new growth pole and help the construction of textile power of the important task.

Industrial textiles is an important part of the textile industry, it is different from the general clothing, home textiles, but refers to specially designed, with the characteristics of the construction of textiles. Industrial textiles are widely used in medical and health, environmental protection, geotechnical construction, transportation, emergency safety, aerospace and other fields, high technical content, wide application, market potential, is a strategic new material components, Textile industry competing development focus.

In recent years, China's industrial textile industry with the rapid development of market applications continue to expand, improve the quality and efficiency of the textile industry to become the main economic growth pole, to meet the consumer demand for upgrading, to speed up the restructuring of the textile industry to promote the development of the relevant areas of national economy made a positive contribution.

By 2015, China's industrial textile industry, industrial output value of nearly one trillion yuan, fiber processing totaled 13.41 million tons, accounting for textile industry, the proportion of total fiber processing increased to 25.3%. China has become the world's largest producer of textiles and nonwovens, consumer and trading countries.

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