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The textile industry has embarked on a strategic development fast track

Orient Honest www.china-disposable.com 2017-03-02 23:23:02
In 2016, the industrial textiles industry to scientific and technological innovation as the core, increase investment in the development of new products and develop new markets, strengthen enterprise management, reduce costs and improve efficiency, continue to maintain steady growth throughout the year.

Overall, the industrial textile industry, the overall growth rate down, and lower product prices is a relatively large influencing factors. However, the industry's total output is still steady upward trend, driven by demand, used in medical and health, environmental protection, transportation and geotechnical construction and other areas of industrial textiles growth is relatively strong, more active investment, but also the industry's technological innovation More areas.

2017, the industry's demand will continue to remain stable. With the commodity prices, the upstream and downstream product chain prices will gradually increase, the industry is expected to increase the growth rate of main business income. However, due to the relative lag of price changes, will have some impact on corporate profitability, and exports will face uncertainties, but a greater probability to reverse the downward trend.

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