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Cross-border e-commence in China

Dreamy F www.china-disposable.com 2016-04-13 10:02:02
General Administration of Customs announced China foreign trade data in February 2016 , exports fell 20%, which is one of the largest rate of decline since May 2009 US subprime mortgage crisis, so during the two sessions caused panic all walks of life. China's foreign trade exports decline has been going on for nearly 20 months, imports also fell more than 16 months, so that all economic data inside, foreign trade prospects this aircraft is the most worrying. We think, if the "Made in China" tradition since 1998 of this path want to move forward again, could hardly happened, so foreign trade must have a strategic choice.

In year 2015, we see a new model called the cross-border e-commence mode. Last March, the State Council make Hangzhou as the cross-border e-commence comprehensive experimental zone, till December, there were 12 cities added to this model comprehensive experimental zone. Over the past year, Alibaba, HC, Dunhuang as the representative of e-commerce trade platform, in the case of a national strategy, a series of reforms.

Therefore, the cross-border e-commence to enter the foreign trade pattern of operations, we will see new highlights and new spring. Probably from 2016 after the two sessions, we will see a new scene, that is all concerned about China's foreign trade in China's foreign trade and industry friends began to care about the birth of a new trade model - it is called the cross-border e-commence .

As the professional china surgical mask manufacturers and china surgical gown manufacturer, we could always follow the trade. We keep on developing the ways of different cross-border e-commence, in order to show our customers more informations about our products and our services, also we want to let more people konw us give us the opportunity to work together.