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Export Details to Saudi Arabia

Dreamy F www.china-disposable.com 2016-04-13 10:38:11
Since our company's export trades to Saudi Arbia keep on rising, we've met a lot of issues during the export process, here's some tips and details about export to Saudi Arabia, hope these could do some help for the exporter and the importer in Saudi Arabia.

1.Cargoes delivered to DMM (Dammam) or transshipped from DMM should be shown bill of lading or shipping bill with consignee’s complete information correctly and verified company info, including a) Consignee name b) Consignee address) c)P.O. Box d) Telephone number e) Fax. Otherwise, the goods will be sent all back to loading port.

2.Transshipment from DMM to RIYADH, the goods should be reinforced with tray. or the customs would impose fine of SAR 1000.00 (USD267.00) /20', SAR 1500.00 (USD 400.00) / 40'

3.On the mark, the country of origin should be noted. Customs in Jeddah, Dammam and Riyadh will forcibly return goods back to port of loading, which fails to meet requirement.

4.Veritably declare data of separated cargos.

5.As for goods of freight prepaid, the expense should be listed on Bill of Lading if imposed in local Saudi.

6.Goods shipped to Riyadh should be weighted less than 24 tons per 20 feet container. Once found overweight, the local railway department will forcibly load the goods into 40 feet container with extra fare of USD500.

7.Any cargos sent to Riyadh including chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and communication tools, once fail to get permission in advance, the consigner would need to undertake all the penalty and expense in goods returning.

8.Goods sent to Saudi Arabia of high value (worth 13,000 U.S. dollars or higher) must be attached with the following documents in clearance: Verified original invoice, Verified Certificate of Original (goods valued more than 13,000 dollars),

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