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Commerce Department : Foreign trade's local policy support is needed urgently

Dreamy F www.china-disposable.com 2016-05-23 17:27:03

China's economic growth is shifting, speed up structural adjustment currently facing old kinetic energy conversion, increased potential risks in some areas, the importance of foreign trade to promote the sustained and healthy economic development further highlights.At present, the international environment and domestic conditions for the development of China's foreign trade is facing major changes have taken place, in 2016 China's foreign trade situation facing more complex and challenging.CPC Central Committee and the State Council attached great importance to foreign trade, have made important instructions instructions, the timely introduction of the promotion of foreign trade policy measures to stabilize the better.

Adapted to local conditions, the timely introduction of local support for the development of policy. Further improve the foreign trade work of supervision and accountability mechanisms, the formation of the task down to every level, layers of pressure transmission, work responsibilities and levels of propulsion mechanism.The promotion of innovation and development of outsourcing a good model, good experiences and good practices, strengthen propaganda guidance, boost confidence, guide expectations.

The support for the development of processing trade and processing trade in a more prominent position, which reflects the state attaches great importance to the special importance of this stage of development of processing trade, special importance. He said the introduction of the new policy from the national level of processing trade enterprises clear land, electricity support, very popular. For example, central and western regions should increase efforts to protect the land of processing trade, processing trade gradient transfer of the eastern region can be converted to vacate the land for the approval of commercial, tourism, pension and other purposes. We hope that a considerable part of the processing trade, in particular the conditions to upgrade part of the country to get better development.

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