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China's foreign trade trend in 2016

Dreamy F www.china-disposable.com 2016-04-09 08:04:05
Research results show that China's foreign trade depends mainly on the size of the fight, to fight the cost of supporting the rapid development stage has passed, the elements must be combined to drive change and innovation is driven by the driving element. At the same time, China's export structure adjustment trend to the good momentum has not changed, our international market share steadily trend has not changed, the fundamentals of foreign trade development has not changed.

"From the 200 companies in the research situation, enterprises adhere to continuous innovation, restructuring, transformation and upgrading have achieved positive results, international competitiveness and enhance the ability to resist risks, most enterprises have entered the track of healthy development. This reflects China's foreign trade future trends, indicating that China's foreign trade transformation and upgrading is necessary, and it is fully able to do. "Shen Danyang said, companies generally, China's foreign trade must be combined and converted to the factor-driven innovation is driven by the driving element, adhere to continuous innovation, to promote structural adjustment and promote transformation and upgrading of foreign trade development is the only way.

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