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China's foreign exchange reserves USD3.2125 trillion in March

Dreamy F www.orienthonest.com 2016-04-08 17:02:27

China 's foreign exchange reserves $ 3.212579 trillion in March , an increase of $ 10.258 billion . The former value of $ 3,202,321,000,000 . Data since November 2015 rose for the first time . Firstly, this shows that the economic attractiveness increases, exports and other good recovery trend. Secondly, also shows that since China has mandatory exchange settlement system , the more foreign exchange reserves , the more foreign exchange income , spending more banks currency , the currency circulation will increase, reducing the probability of a large increase in registration window period.

On March 20th,  the year 2016 China Development Forum been held , the question of how to look on the current situation of international trading was put to the Minister of Commerce Gao Hucheng . Gao responded that , although China 's import and export data seemed falling in the first two months, but from the Ministry of Commerce recently launched the research point of view, import and export situation in March will have a greater resilience and recovery in addition , import and export for the whole year of stabilization for the better , there is still confident of achieving .Gao explained that China 's international trading is part of the global trade , from a global point of view, the first two months of decline in foreign trade are universal , but the decrease is in double digits.

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