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China's Foreign Trade data in May

DF www.china-disposable.com 2016-06-11 23:31:18
General Administration of Customs data released on June 8th show that,based on RMB counting, China's exports in May rose 1.2% for the three consecutive months of positive growth, but the growth rate fell slightly; imports grew 5.1%, ending a 18 fall of momentum month.Analysts said that although there's gap between the May trade data and market expectations, but show a return to a rational situation as a whole. On the one hand, export growth continued to decline, indicating that despite the recovery in external demand still weak; the other hand, commodity prices excluding factors, the increase in imports to expand, driven by domestic demand that China's economy has been enhanced.

Although exports were increased slightly, but still can not form a continuous and effective support to China's economic development. However, the eye-catching performance of imports in May, its monthly export growth rate higher than the same period, which is not common in recent years.General trade imports grew by 3.9%, is the main force driving imports. In addition, commodity prices have brought a certain influence on imports.Data show that in May the international crude oil prices continued to rise, but still significant increase in imports year on year. Imports of iron ore, copper ore, soybeans and other commodities have different levels of MoM rise, indicating that domestic demand is also a factor supporting growth in imports.

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