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Wuhan and European special train line

DF www.china-disposable.com 2016-06-11 00:56:39
May 28, X2974 train loaded with all types of cargo out from Shenzhen Xili station by station to Europe along Wujiashan Wuhan European international trains channel. This marks the South China cargo railway transport of iron implements direct export to Europe.Wuhan and European international railway trains in October 2012 trial run first trip, departure from Wuhan Wujiashan Container Center Station, and exit through Xinjiang Alashankou border crossings into the heart of Europe, with a total travel 10,500 kilometers.

Kazakhstan's national railway company president Askar Ma said the Wuhan European special line listed Chinese cargo transportation to Europe via Kazakhstan opened up another channel, greatly promote bilateral economic and trade cooperation and interoperability, but also help to further develop Kazakhstan their transit transport potential.Many companies in Guangzhou-Shenzhen area  propose, hoping Chinese Euro trains, the railway will go directly to the product exported to Europe, reducing the proportion of exports of goods shipping. From Shenzhen to the European Rail trains and railway transport only 19 days, not only to save nearly two months than traditional ocean, but also according to the characteristics of the product, installing refrigeration systems, especially for demanding fresh tropical fruits and seafood and other fishery products over long distances transport requirements.The special traffic line's opening, open up the Pearl River Delta, through the central region to form a two-way cargo convection in the country, the South China more kinds of products exported to Europe, Russia and Central Asia, added a quick passage.

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