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There have been many demonstrations in Iran! Please pay attention when exporting to this country!

Orient Honest www.china-disposable.com 2018-01-05 18:07:50
The widespread protests have spread to several Iranian cities, including mashhad, lasht, qom, and Tehran, the capital of the moderate capital. Widespread and numerous, the demonstrators clashed repeatedly with riot police, drawing global public opinion.

Remind the import and export business here:
China disposable clothing manufacturers, China surgical gown manufacturer and China disposable suit manufacturers please pay attention.

1, the export enterprises in a timely manner, the shipping company to keep in touch with customers, confirm the local customs, port, together with the customer, the shipping company make response, and timely follow up the latest dynamic of unrest in Iran.
2, the All Risks (All Risks), on the basis of the export goods and protect Strikes Risk (Strikes), the strike Risk for behavior, because of the strike and anyone to the insured goods directly caused by the malicious behavior to compensate losses.
3, due to the strike of the stranded cargo, understand the local customs and laws and regulations, good coping mechanism, avoid the importer opportunistic to bargain, or refuse to pay payment for goods in jettison phenomenon in the sale of goods, to avoid additional losses. If there is any enterprise encountered because of Iran's commercial bank reasons lead to the problem of the l/c deferred due to China, please do not hesitate to contact our country the commercial counsellor's embassy in Iran, the counsellor will deal with the Iranian side.
4. To avoid the phenomenon of the importer, try to avoid the sale of the goods, contact the local warehouse, find new buyers, and make a second sale. Recent dealings with Iran have been carefully chosen. I have to choose L/C and T/T. For the latter T/T, after getting the Copy of the bill of lading, we will urge balance payment to the customer in time to insist on the principle of "not releasing the money".
5. In case of unshipped enterprises, try to avoid the arrival of goods during the period of turmoil, and keep close contact with freight forwarders, shipping companies and customers.