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The first quarter of Textiles Industry Overview

Dreamy F www.china-disposable.com 2016-06-03 18:10:46
The first quarter of 2016, China's industrial textiles industry as a whole start relatively stable, compared to the previous double-digit growth, a marked decline in the growth rate, but the economic benefits of the industry remained stable and improved.The first quarter of the business climate index was 73.6, compared to last year has improved, suggesting that entrepreneurs development of the industry to maintain a high confidence.

According to the National Bureau of Statistics, the main business revenue and profit in the first quarter of above-scale enterprises in the non-woven fabric, respectively, an increase of 8.2% and 4.9%, export delivery value increased by 9.58%, production increased by 7%. The main business revenue grew cable rope 13.47%, is the industry's fastest-growing areas; textile belt and cord, the main business income canvas canopies, although the growth rate is not high, but the increase of the total profits are up 19.3% and 16.8%, respectively, increased by a margin and 0.56 percentage points. In the first quarter, reversing the continuous production of tire cord fabric to reduce the past year to achieve a 8.08% growth.

According to customs data, in 2016 a quarter of China's industrial textiles industry exports total $ 5.92 billion, down 3.2%, falling export prices is a major factor in the decline in exports. Nonwovens, packaging, textiles and airbags exports grew by 6.8%, 12.7% and 22.6%, but the price of these three products, there have been varying degrees of decline. The medical textiles exports fell by 10.3%, in particular a decline gauze, bandages and other products is 15.8%. The newly included in the statistical range of security textiles exports to $ 364 million, down 2.4%, but its price rose by 1.38%.