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New Measures to Ease Pressure

  • Author:Dreamy F
  • Source:www.china-dispsoable.com
  • Release on :2016-06-04

It is one of the most important measures of spurring the development of foreign trading by further enhancing the convenience level of trading. As I know, presently, customs from different regions positively reformed and innovated, integrating self conditions to explore a host of new measures reproducible and propagable. Independent verification and validation is a supervision model of processing trading initially created in China. It adopts reporting system to clarify the liability of enterprises to make practical clearance and also enables companies with good management and credit to independently verify numbers of material consuming in production and complete the verification of processing trade. Real Power System co., ltd, located in Tianjing tariff-free zone, is one of the pilot enterprises of independent verification in the first batch. Wu Xian, manager of supply chain, told journalist from Economy Daily that they can finish verification of processing trade at home now. The new measure was carried out only half an year while it has decreased about 60% of time and 220,000 or so yuan in clearance which enables enterprises to truly share the bonus of custom reform. “The reform is beneficial for the enterprises to immediately react to market changes and strengthen competitiveness so that provide guarantee for timely adjustment of producing strategies as well as saving costs.” Sun Zhijie, chief director of Tianjing custom, indicates that the new model enhances the core to move backwards and further highlighting and exacting key point of management, therefore, the custom supervision will be further enhanced to actually achieve good control and management.    

It is known that the single window of international trading is to transform the former tandem type of management model into parallel type in custom offices. And the clearance efficiency would be highly enhanced with immediate application accepted, data submitted and verification conducted parallelly and the results launched at once. Presently, there are about 13 units participated in this reform including custom and national development and reform commission and is expected to expand from coastal area to conditional central and western areas.

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