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The exports will facing pressure in the second half of 2016

Dreamy F www.china-disposable.com 2016-06-27 15:32:57
Increasing the pressure and uncertainty factors faced by the second half of China's foreign trade. Although the Fed to postpone raising interest rates, but the second half may still take place.The RMB against the US dollar is likely to remain stable range, thereby against other currencies, exports increased to downward pressure. British retreat Europe event will bring the world economy to some extent, making China the second half of foreign demand facing greater uncertainty.Analysts believe that, in the above context, to improve the country's economic resources, driven by foreign direct investment and may be an important factor in supporting China's exports in the second half, "One belt one road" and the FTA will also provide power outlet.

Industry insiders estimate that export growth will continue in the coming months a slight downward trend, import growth may be repeated, foreign trade as a whole continued to show a weak trend.The industry believes that, faced with the pressure in the second half of the export increase. On the one hand, the Fed may raise interest rates in the second half, the dollar index will be stronger shocks.For consideration to prevent financial risks, the second half of the RMB against the US dollar will have managed to maintain a stable range, resulting in the appreciation of the RMB against other currencies, exports to increase downward pressure.On the other hand, the EU is China's largest trading partner, the United Kingdom if the final exit from the euro will bring greater uncertainty China's foreign trade. According to Commerce Department statistics, last year the EU 11 consecutive years to become China's largest trading partner, China for 12 consecutive years to become the EU's second largest trading partner.

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