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Different wearing methods for different disposable face masks

DF www.china-disposable.com 2016-06-12 16:26:13
In the haze days, the originally suspended inhaled particles in the air can be more easily enter the human respiratory tract and mucous membrane irritation, and even damage the lungs and cause respiratory diseases. The public is best to use non-woven medical masks anti-fog and haze.When wearing the masks you should flat the masks, pull into the hands flat face, Jinnie nose strip so close to the face mask. Hold down the left hand masks, ear hook right hand portion around the ears. Hold down the right-hand masks, the mask left ear hung around the ear portion. Hands on edge drop-down masks to cover the following to the eye and chin.

How to wear the folding style face masks
The masks placed in the palm of your hand, the metal nose strip toward the fingertip direction, so that the headband fall naturally. Nose metal strip portion upward, close to the face. The upper end of the headband masks put in the head, then pull off the lower headband head, as the back of the neck, adjusted to comfortable position. The hands and fingers along the strip from the middle to both sides of the bridge of the nose, slowly pressed inward, until close to the bridge of the nose. Masks covering their hands vigorously breathing. If the air from the edge of the mask or air into the overflow from the edge of the mask, that is worn properly explained.

The black side out, pale white face inward. One side of the bridge of the nose upward, use both sides of the strap will fit the face mask, gently pressing two fingers on either side of the nose bridge of the nose strip, and then pull the lower end of the mask to the chin.

When entering the room and do not need to wear the masks, many people used to hang off the side of the ear or directly ripped off the card at the neck, there are people free to click on the roll in his pocket, these practices will reduce the protective masks effect.