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"The Fifth China International Nonwovens Conference" will be held in October

Dreamy F www.china-disposable.com 2016-09-06 18:48:18
The Fifth China International Nonwovens Conference scheduled to be held in Shanghai October 13, 2016.

Currently, the world's major economies slow recovery, China's economic "new normal" of both the challenges of slower growth, but also ushered in consumer upgrades, and other opportunities to increase investment in fixed assets, China as the world's largest producer of nonwovens and consuming countries plays an important role in the global industry. Meanwhile, the non-woven fabric industry in an increasingly globalized, associated with the upstream and downstream enterprises more closely, a major player in the global industrial chain joint industry research and development of the major issues for the healthy and sustainable development of the industry has a positive meaning.

The meeting will focus on the current situation and development trend of global nonwovens market, Yiwei nonwoven fabric industry market integration and brand innovation, filtered, technological innovation and market development geotechnical, construction and other fields. The principal leaders of the three global nonwovens industry organizations are will make a keynote speech at the conference, this session also invited other countries and regions of the non-woven fabric industry organizations, professional media, research institutions, multinational corporations, domestic non-woven fabric leading industry backbone enterprises and associations of downstream applications as a wonderful report at the meeting on current hot topics within the industry in-depth analysis.

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