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The EU has included Bangladesh as a high risk for cargo

Orient Honest www.china-disposable.com 2017-06-13 18:21:49
Due to the EU to Bangladesh included in the high risk of cargo risk object! Bangladesh's main port from this month may face exceptionally congested situation!

Since June 1, the European Union (EU) has listed Bangladesh as a list of high-risk countries, that is, from the airport or harbor direct transport goods must first in the third-party facilities for security to enter the EU.

"From June 1 onwards, the EU will require the carrier to carry out additional screening measures for mail and cargo destined for the EU countries," the EU officials said. "This additional screening involves explosives testing, but screening can The starting point (Bangladesh) can also be carried out before entering the EU. The implementation will be the responsibility of the operator / airline.

It is reported that nearly 60% of Bangladesh's exports are mainly exported to the EU. If the EU is formally implemented, the customs clearance will be unusually slow, when more ships will be blocked in Bangladesh's largest port - Chittagong.