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Take Measures to promote foreign trade stabilized for the better

Dreamy F www.china-disposable.com 2016-04-26 11:31:23
China Vice Minister Qian Keming Introducing promoting good policy measures to stabilize foreign trade-related case, the face of the current severe and complicated foreign trade situation, will take targeted measures to promote supply-side structural reforms in foreign trade, foreign trade back to do everything possible to achieve to the good and steady transformation and upgrading.

Qian Keming said that the current foreign trade situation facing the more serious and complicated than in 2015. A quarter of the total imports and exports, total exports and total imports decreased by 11.3%, 9.6% and 13.5%, a decline compared with last year is still expanding. Recently, the Ministry of Commerce survey carried out in 3000 showed that foreign trade enterprises, 57.7% of enterprises believe that this year's export situation is more severe than last year. In this context, the State Council executive meeting examined and adopted the promotion of foreign trade policy measures to stabilize the better.

Qian Keming also said that the introduction of the policy measures, mainly in the following two characteristics: First, take into account the steady growth and structural adjustment. In terms of the consolidation of the traditional advantages, enterprises generally reflect the focus of the problem, further reduce the rate of export commodities inspection, relief norms SheQi charges. Cultivate new advantages in terms of explicitly to further support the development of new business models, to cultivate its own brand of foreign trade, strengthen intellectual property protection.The second is to improve the accuracy and relevance of the policy. The introduction of differentiated policies to support the processing trade to central and western regions. In addition to the central government introduced the policy also requires local learn from each other experiences and practices replicated to other regions; according to the needs and situation of the regional characteristics, the introduction of targeted support measures.

Thanks to the goverments policy measures, we could still have confidence in the international trading business. We will try our best to be the most professional disposable medical mask manufacturers, China disposable suit manufacturers and disposable lab coats suppliers in China.