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Suspected of the risk of leakage of dangerous goods container led to Canada's largest port Vanco

  • Author:Orient Honest
  • Source:www.china-disposable.com
  • Release on :2017-07-20
According to foreign media reports, on Monday, Canada's largest container terminal in Vancouver, Deltaport, was forced to shut down for three hours due to a suspected dangerous product leak.

Wharf spokesman Louanne Wong said Delta's fire department and third-party contractors were surveying containers suspected of leaking on a ship docked at a wharf.

Fortunately, the terminal closure time is not long, from 11:30 in the morning to 11:30 pm emergency re-open, which lasted 3 hours, is expected to have a limited impact on the port, but it also reminds enterprises in the export or possession of dangerous goods Need to be careful, otherwise bear the risk and the accident will face a lot of fines! China disposable clothing manfuacturers, China disposable coverall manufacturers and China disposable suit manufacturers should also pay attention to this issue!