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Surgical masks not only wearing by doctors now

Dreamy F www.china-disposable.com 2016-03-26 13:57:38

We see, nowadays many people wearing surgical masks in the daily life, surgical masks not only wearing by doctors, dentists and other health professionals on the job. But also been seen wearing out in public. This has become even more common in recent years. Most people wearing them not because of catch fewer colds.


One acceptable reason for people wearing surgical face masks in public is, people’s awearness of avoid catch colds or other flu and virus. People cares more about their body health now.

Many young people likes to wear disposable face mask, on the occasion of they are not satisfied with their current appearance or tiredness state. If you wake up in an urgent situation that have no time to clean the face and have to go outside, just wearing a piece of disposable face mask, then everything will be ok.

According to the huge market demands, we developed more than 10 colors disposable colors, fashion and hygienic, meet different people’s appreciation. And we’re welcome more requirements from all over the world. To make the simple thing not monotonous.