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SMEs will become the mainstream of China-Russian trade

Dreamy F www.china-disposable.com 2016-06-07 18:45:04
Although Russia currently face economic difficulties, but it is the best time for Chinese SMEs to enter the Russian market.May 30, the second session of the China-Russia SMEs Business Forum was held in the southern Russian city of Sochi.In the current downturn in international oil prices, the ruble exchange rate fluctuations, the China-Russian cooperation has great potential SMEs. The future of China-Russian trade cooperation will be the subject SMEs.

The current China-Russian trade cooperation focused on large-scale energy projects. In the energy price outlook uncertain circumstances, the two governments are looking to promote SMEs business to expand areas of cooperation, intergovernmental cooperation to achieve transformation. Therefore, the future focus will shift from the two governments cooperation on large projects to SME cooperation up, or there will be more policy support.Yet trade can not be compared between SMEs and large-scale projects to invest hundreds of billions of dollars of natural gas pipelines and other profits, but the two sides cooperate great potential for future cooperation will be the subject of trade SMEs.SMEs addition to relying on national policies and external support, should also actively play their own advantages of flexible mechanism, with the local strength of large enterprises, to jointly explore each other's markets.

Through several years' export trading experiences with Russian customers.We find out this year most of out Russian customers are going trough a hard time.Hope more cooperation and policy could set out between our two countries.And we believe everything will go on well later this year.Our company is one of the best disposable lab coats suppliers in China,hospital bed sheets suppliers in China,and China disposable suit manufacturers.