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Russia will shorten the time it takes for China to export goods

  • Author:Orient Honest
  • Source:www.china-disposable.com
  • Release on :2017-10-16
Russia's federal customs agency is working to shorten all customs clearance procedures for Chinese exports, Russia's satellite news agency reported, citing a Russian newspaper.It is a good news for China disposable clothing manufacturers, China surgical gown manufacturer and China medical mask suppliers.

Currently, the customs agencies of the two countries have exchanged information about the transportation of goods and vehicles, and are testing the mutual recognition of the results of the customs inspection.

In addition, the Russian newspaper noted that Russia has cooperated with Finnish customs to shorten the clearance time for containers from Finland via Russia to kazakhstan and China.

After Russia's economic development minister orie Mr Kim has to participate in economic and trade cooperation between China and Russia in August 20th on meeting, said the continuing growth of the two countries economic and trade barriers gradually eliminate trade between the two countries to promote the growth of annual total bilateral trade volume between China and Russia in 2017 or 80 billion dollars.

Russia, according to data from the bureau of customs sino-russian trade volume in 2016 reached $66.108 billion, 2017, July 1 - its $45.839 billion between China and Russia, up 36.4% from a year earlier, in which imported from Russia to China of $20.883 billion, up 38.5% from a year earlier.