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RMB is much more popular in China-Russia trading

  • Author:Dreamy F
  • Source:www.china-disposable.com
  • Release on :2016-05-18
Russian media said the dollar gradually become redundant third China-Russia trade settlement currency in Chiang Kai-shek, giving way to the currency, increase mutual border trade settlement ruble and the yuan to be some more obvious.The first quarter of 2016, VTB in the Amur region of the renminbi and rubles accounting for 82%. This is the line ISD notification message. In contrast, the amount of local currency settlement in 2015 over the same period only 30% of the total trade between the partners.According to the person in charge of foreign trade bank in Blagoveshchensk business offices Yulia Tymoshenko introduced Chinese soybean buyers and sawn timber from the line where Russian customers with the RMB. Russian companies use the RMB to buy machinery and equipment, accessories, textiles, shoes, chemicals and agricultural products. Russian ruble export earnings mainly from confectionery products, machine tools and equipment.

In absolute terms, the RMB settlement business partners and Russia amounted to 585.6 billion yuan (US $ 8.98 million). The ruble amount converted to dollars, but only 43 million. These figures show that Bilu Bu yuan to be more popular.Yulia Tymoshenko noted that in the present case, it is entirely logical. Chinese partners in the settlement of RMB usually prefer, but avoid the expenses caused when changing money. Considering the huge fluctuations in the ruble exchange rate Russian companies as revenue in RMB currency is also a good option, because the yuan to be more stable. Moreover, in the last two years, as the yuan as the US dollar relative to the ruble has become very strong.

In recent years, we 've tried to trading with our Russian customers through RMB. We find it more convient and effective.We always insist in doing our best to cooperate with all the customers worldwide. We are one of the best China disposable suit manufacturers,China surgical gown manufacturer and China disposable gowns manufacturers.