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Promote foreign trade to keep stabilized

  • Author:Dreamy F
  • Source:www.china-disposable.com
  • Release on :2016-05-18
For almost 30 years, China has always adhere to the basic state policy of opening to form a comprehensive, multi-level and wide-ranging pattern of opening up, open economy has made great achievements. At present, China's trade in goods has been first in the world for three consecutive years, exports accounted for the international market share rising; to maintain a rapid development of trade in services, it has been ranked second in the world.Meanwhile, China has become the strong country of two-way investment, foreign investment for 24 consecutive years, ranking first among developing countries, foreign investment also rose to third in the world ranking. We can say that China's open economy has entered a new stage of development.But look at the world, on the one hand, the global economic recovery is slow in some areas, is facing deflationary pressures in emerging market countries, financial market turmoil, and thus international trade and investment protectionism is gaining ground.On the other hand, some of our companies have less competitive, international business is still in its infancy, foreign policy and international rules and regulations of understanding and knowledge is not deep enough, the ability of overseas rights to be further improved.

China CCPIT Chairman Jiang Zengwei recently received the "lookout think tank" reporter interview, said, should improve the rule of law, international facilitation of the business environment conducive to cooperation and win-win and improve institutional mechanisms with international trade rules, investment to adapt give full play to the advantages of CCPIT channel external work, between government and the business community at home and abroad to bridge the gap.China CCPIT, China's largest trade and investment promotion agency, will give full play to extensive contacts with domestic and foreign business channel advantages, comprehensive use of various means to strengthen trade and investment promotion and commercial legal services, and actively help enterprises to explore the international market for the development of more high level of open economy and make new contributions.

China's goverment is doing the best to promote the foreign trade to keep stabilized.As the Chinese international trading company, we also will do the best to cooperate with the goverment.We are one of the most professional disposable lab coats suppliers in China, the best hospital bed sheets suppliers in China and the China disposable coverall manufacturers.Welcome all the customers over the world.