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Nonwoven fabric products have broad market prospects for the Asia-Pacific region

Dreamy F www.china-disposable.com 2016-05-02 17:03:17
According to international consultancy GrandView Research study of a group of analysts, polypropylene nonwoven fabric used in hygiene products more reliable quality highlights, therefore to be welcomed. From 2015 to 2022, the Asia-Pacific region is expected to achieve the highest growth in the production of polypropylene nonwoven fabric (5.8%).

March 2015, the Swedish manufacturer SCA hygiene Maharashtra in India opened its first manufacturing plant tissue and personal care. The company said "India's huge population, but the low penetration of hygiene, the art market in the future will be very promising."Divid Price when talking about the global market outlook also expressed support for this view. "Demand growth in all regions, especially in the disposable nonwoven products in countries with low penetration rates, such as China, Africa, South Asia and the Asia-Pacific region." He explained, "We estimate that in 2014 to 2015, demand in these areas will usher in the 7% to 11% annual growth. Therefore, demand growth in these regions is expected to surpass the United States, Canada and Western Europe, but these small population growth in areas with high penetration of non-woven products. "

Divid Price said despite the high market share in China in the field, but also occurred recently declined slightly. "Chinese cities due to the higher internal market saturation, so the demand for the production of hygiene products and melt-spun non-woven polypropylene spunbond slowdown. But non-woven products of low coverage in rural China, demand is still expected to grow , the layout of the product will also be wider. " He also added that, as mature markets like Europe, one-time non-woven products and durability of the market is still there. Although the growth rate of demand is not high, but the annual growth of 4% still provides a market space.

In Divid Price opinion, with the development of polypropylene spunbond and melt-spinning technique, the next challenge is to get better surface feel and softness. In addition, the active participation of equipment manufacturers, spinning, use of raw materials and other process areas will get more progress.

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