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Non woven medical high-end products' development

  • Author:Dreamy F
  • Source:www.china-disposable.com
  • Release on :2016-04-20
Due to the Product cost, habits, health care reform and other factors, non-woven medical products market is significant, but the surgery with the pace of development of high-end products is relatively slow.

According to an authoritative report, global demand for medical textiles 35% annual pace, and European and American market nearly saturated, but it bears a huge Chinese market.Many foreign companies have entered the field. Coveted this huge cake. Domestic production of nonwovens for medical and hygiene products business are quite a few, but most of the small scale of production is relatively low-tech products. With the changes in consumer attitudes, the market will be bullish on this area.The Chinese companies neet to change medical supplies low price competition with each other, enterprises should focus on developing high-tech products to meet different consumer needs.

In other countries, disposable surgical drape, hole towel use is very common. In recent years, production and sales gradually to Asia, in particular transfer to China.Because after packing product process mainly rely on manual operation, not only requires a lot of skilled workers, but also high-tech,so this is a kind of high-end non-woven products.In the analysis of some domestic enterprises currently do not have reason for the production of such products, mainly because raw materials, firm size is not big enough (factory space, skilled workers) and related technology gap and so, to some extent, restricted the domestic enterprises development in this area.

Our factory is keep on developing the high-end medical nonwoven products for many years, we have a lot of expierence in customized high-end products. We are the professional China surgical mask manufacturers and hospital bed sheets suppliers in China.