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New Non-woven materials published in HUBEI province

Dreamy F www.china-disposable.com 2016-05-03 18:37:23
Chinese health functions textile industry textile experts gathered in the largest nonwoven material production cities in Hubei - Hanchuan, published a novel nonwoven material.Allegedly, the new non-woven fabric performance is better than similar imported products currently on the market, it is expected to break the domestic health care function high-end textile raw material dependence on imports.

According to Professor Jianwei introduction Qingdao University research and development experts, the nonwoven fabric processed from chitosan, seaweed and other natural fiber composite.Chitosan is extracted from chitin biological polymer material, and is the main source of shrimp and crab shell chitin, are natural renewable resources.The study found that chitosan, alginate fiber with excellent anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial removal of heavy metals, radioactive substances function, which can be widely used in non-woven mask, diapers, artificial skin and other medical and health fields;the electromagnetic shielding fabric can be used for the production of maternity, infant and children's clothing, scarf and surface antibacterial underwear clothing.Hanchuan City as the largest textile counties in Hubei Province, this will soon become the new non-woven fabrics producer.Data show that in 2009 Chinese health functions textile industry output value of about 32.15 billion yuan, and the annual rate of 20% annually. China Health Care Association Deputy Secretary-General Zhou Bangyong that analysis, 2015 China market size is expected to reach 100 billion yuan. He believes that with the new non-woven fabric as the representative of health functions textile industry will become the development potential of the emerging composite industries.

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