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India's non-woven fabric realized tremendous growth

Dreamy F www.china-disposable.com 2016-05-04 18:33:16
In the past five years, the Indian textile non-woven fabric realized significant growth, Ian Battelle the market research manager for the US non-woven industry association said.

Battelle said in the most recent period, India's non-woven sector has experienced tremendous growth. Non-woven sector is expected to grow rapidly. Battelle estimates nonwoven fabric production in India is about 12.5-14 million tons. He said in a statement, although there is no market research, but the message is estimated by the nonwoven fabric production in India occur at a higher range.

Mr. Battelle estimates that China's non-woven production of about 110-120 million tonnes. But the Chinese Association reported that Chinese non-woven fabric associated production of more than 1.6 million tons. Since the non-woven industry has matured, production will decline. In China, most of the spun-bonded nonwoven fabric production department located and used in packaging sector. China produced billions of shopping bags. Battelle observed that the traditional garment industry is experiencing a downturn, workers re-orientation, the development of conversion products, such as mass production of shopping bags.

Battelle said that the current status is similar to India with China two years ago. In 2006, non-woven fabric production in India is estimated at 30,000 tons, the latest estimate of 14 million tonnes in five years grew by 367 percent.

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