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Hurricane "Emma" swept the West Indies and the United States, a number of ports about to c

  • Author:orient honest
  • Source:www.china-disposable.com
  • Release on :2017-09-07
Hurricane "Harvey" in the United States and other places in Germany and other places raging for several days, resulting in 50 deaths of 6 million people affected, post-disaster reconstruction costs is as high as 180 billion US dollars, "Harvey", the epic hurricane "Emma" and approaching Florida State.

On the evening of 5, the Typhoon "Emma" swept the Caribbean northeastern islands, the weather forecast that the five hurricanes will then attack Puerto Rico, Dominican, Haiti and Cuba, this weekend may go to Florida, fear of the United States ever Serious hurricane disaster. US President Chuan Pu and Florida governor Scott have announced that Florida has entered a state of emergency.

It is understood that this weekend, including the two major ports in the United States Miami Port, Savannah port, including a number of ports will be closed,

Exports to the United States Florida cargo owners, freight forwarding who have to pay attention, China disposable clothing manufacturers, China disposable suit manufacturers and China disposable gowns manufacturers please pay close attention to the situation of goods.