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Environmental storm has not yet subsided, security storm wave after another

  • Author:Orient Honest
  • Source:www.china-disposable.com
  • Release on :2017-09-04
The State Council Safety Production Committee issued a notice to carry out the national safety inspection, scheduled for the end of September to the end of September to carry out a comprehensive inspection of production safety inspection.

Due to environmental protection, exports, maintenance, accidents and other reasons, the recent major raw materials, products, additives, etc. are more or less up prices, I do not know when will fall, the outside rumors of the "gold nine silver ten", may become " Single dare not take the season. "

Since July, the RMB exchange rate against the US dollar is irresistible, breaking through 6.8,6.7,6.6 three integer mark. September 4, onshore bank once exceeded 6.55 mark. The dollar weakened, prompting the RMB exchange rate continued to rise.

Occupy the main share of textile and garment exports, home light industry, white goods, electronics manufacturing and other industries or because of the appreciation of the renminbi, facing the decline in the competitiveness of export products.

China disposable clothing manufacturers,China medical mask suppliers and China disposable suit manufacturers are all facing a new round of price rising storm.