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Hong Kong's container throughput fell for 24 months

Dreamy F www.china-disposable.com 2016-07-28 19:27:39
Weak global economic slump, the Hong Kong Maritime Port Authority announced in June the amount of data container port, container port in Hong Kong last month, the amount was down 8.6% to 1.612 million containers, down the chain narrowed, but the first 24 months of consecutive decreases were recorded. Accumulated in the first half of this year, Hong Kong's container port volume fell 10.5% to 9.161 million containers, the annual level fell below 20 million TEUs. Industry sources say that the global economy is relatively weak, down 10 per cent are "expected" and urged to do more high value-added goods.

Throughout the rest of the world's major ports, the world's number one in Shanghai last month, according to annual container volume increased slightly by 0.98% to 310 million containers, the container volume in the first half fell 1% yoy to 17.848 million containers. Hong Kong and Singapore and Hong Kong with the Hong Kong re-exports, ranking second in the last month container volume edged down 0.73% to 2.597 million containers, the first half was down 5.1% to 15.181 million containers.

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