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Future development of China's non-woven industry

  • Author:Dreamy F
  • Source:www.china-disposable.com
  • Release on :2016-05-07
China non-woven industry has gone through several development climax, and the next phase it will be high tide.Because China's non-woven industry has been toward gentrification, many companies and products in the international community have a strong competitive edge.Through years of exploration and development, Chinese enterprises have been out of their own special way.For example, some non-woven products factory, but also have a spunbond and other membrane production line, saving the cost of production, but also conducive to quality control.Meanwhile, some enterprises to embark on a large-scale development, rapid growth. Of course, China's huge potential domestic market is an important application of pulling power.

See from the global perspective, China's cost advantage will remain competitive over time, while China's huge application market is undoubtedly more attractive,So now the nonwoven fabric orders around the world are flocking to China.Diverse commercial market will make the next few years, China nonwoven market structure differentiation is more obvious, high, medium and low-grade products will have to survive.China non-woven industry has gone through infant stages, such as aspects of management, quality and equipment has now been encouraging, considerable development, but innovation is not enough.
Therefore, the future investment in research and development and technological aspects must be strengthened. Chinese enterprises should not do things foreign, to make their own brand.In terms of equipment, China has completed the copy, imitation process that requires innovation have a way out.

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