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Export these goods to Malaysia is no longer accept booking!

Orient Honest www.china-disposable.com 2017-07-25 18:05:29
Recently, the following requirements have been made for the import of goods to Malaysia

1. Stop accepting all imports to Malaysia
(But according to the requirements of the Inter-American Trade Zone, North American exports of waste goods are not completely banned, but North American companies need to strictly review customer credit, control the risk of waste imports, and sales of customer follow-up issues bear the responsibility)

2. For the import of Klang or via Pakistani to other parts of Malaysia, the consignee or notifying party shall have at least one company that is required to be registered locally in Malaysia. When the consignee is TO ORDER, the notifying party must register for the local the company.

3. Import or transit the goods of Klang, need to enter the bill of lading and manifest 6 HS CODE;

Disposable face mask suppliers in China, China surgical mask manufacturers and China medical mask suppliers may not be affected. But also have to inform the customers in Malaysia to pay attention to this issue.