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Anti-dumping constantly, new trade frequency frequently!

Orient Honest www.china-disposable.com 2017-07-26 17:53:51
Recently, exports to the EU, India, Iran, Brazil and other places of foreign trade friends attention! Recently, these areas are issued a variety of new trade regulations, please be sure to pay attention to each other.

According to the Ministry of Commerce survey, recently, India, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia and other countries on China to conduct a variety of anti-dumping investigations! Among them, India on July 19 just ended the investigation of China's sodium nitrite anti-dumping, and requested a tax amount of 72.95 US dollars / ton.

At the same time, the EU, India, Iran and other regions issued a number of new regulations, including PVC products lead content limit, the use of prohibited substances in cosmetics and so on. There are related countries and products related to foreign trade, please be careful!China disposable clothing manufacturers,China surgical gown manufacturer and China medical mask supplier should also be careful.