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Trump win, then what will happen to the trade between China and US?

  • Author:Orient Honest
  • Source:www.china-disposable.com
  • Release on :2016-11-10
Beijing time at 9:40 on November 9 the United States presidential election finally came to an end, Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton to become the next US president. Trump finally elected, then the shipping industry will have any effect?

Anti-globalization, advocating the United States to implement protection measures to protect US local enterprises, he has made it clear before to implement some protectionist measures, including the origin of China's imports of impose punitive tariffs to encourage US companies to return to the United States Local, squeeze the living space of illegal immigrants, the work back to the American people. In addition Trump expressly opposed the TPP agreement, that the terms of the negotiations against the United States.

Long term, Trump is now a politician, but he is still a bones businessman, China as the United States's second largest trading partner, the third largest export market, the largest source of imports, the interests of China and the United States has been close Together, no matter which side launched a trade war, will bring a lot of problems to their own, so in the long run, Trump is now put a variety of relentless words may be the words of the election campaign, as a businessman, is always profitable the first. I believe that trade between China and the United States will not have too much impact.

Currently,we can't say what will happen to the trade between China and US in the next Trump presidency. Hope everything could goes on well, and what we could do is well prepared for every situation. Our company is professional China surgical mask manufacturers, China surgical gown manufacturer and the hospital bed sheets supplier in China.