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The types of dust mask

Dreamy F www.china-disposable.com 2016-05-09 18:23:27
With the emergence of various air pollution problems,dust masks became a necessity in people's lives, how many of you are dust masks often used to understand it, we will introduce some knowledge about dust masks.

The classification of dust mask:
Based on its structure and working principle,could be divided into two categories: self-absorption filter and supplied air.
1.Self-absorption filter: filter respirator for short works by air containing harmful substances through masks Filtration evolution after being inhaled;
2.Gas type: refers to a clean air source with harmful substances isolated by the dynamic action such as air compressors, compressed gas cylinders and other devices, and administered to the person's face mask for people to breathe.
Self-absorption filter respirators structure is divided into two parts: First, mask mask, we can simply be understood as it is a mask shelf; the other is the filter portion includes a dust filter cotton and anti-virus use chemical filtration boxes.

Self-absorption filter respirators and includes a variety of types:
Half-face: that only the respiratory organs (mouth and nose) covered masks;
Full type: the mask can be the entire face including the eyes are covered;
Powered Air type: through the battery and the motor, the air containing harmful substances pumped into the filter after filtration for people to breathe.

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