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The rapid development of the domestic industry in favor of the emergency security textile industry

Dreamy F www.china-disposable.com 2016-08-30 18:43:09
With the improvement of China's economic development, social progress and public safety awareness, the demand of the whole society for emergency products and services continues to grow. Development of industry and that helps emergency equipment, materials, medicine, communications, insurance, logistics and other fields to provide new space for development, to be bred a number of new forms of industrial emergency services, and promote public entrepreneurship and innovation, and enhance the economic vitality , increasing employment opportunities, and promote steady economic growth.

At present, the domestic environment for the development of emergency industry has been greatly improved, becoming the state encourages the development of industrial, emergency service format also developed rapidly, companies to develop emergency products are rising enthusiasm. However, the domestic industry has just started an emergency, there is an emergency system is not perfect, the lack of market demand, the residents of disaster prevention awareness is not high. In this regard, the Ministry of Industry to monitor the operation of the Coordinating Bureau deputy inspector King Xiaobo, for the status of the domestic security industry, with the state emergency management industry approach to accelerate the emergency docking industry and security industry put forward five developmental tasks.Our company is China surgical mask manufacturers,China disposable clothing manufacturers and China medical mask suppliers.