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The most severe stoppage order in history was implemented on November 15!

Orient Honest www.china-disposable.com 2017-11-06 19:47:57
Cut off water, cut off power, cancel the business license on site... A huge stoppage order is sweeping the whole country's foreign trade factories.

Recently, environmental protection, development and reform commission, ministry of industry and other ministries and provinces and cities such as Beijing, tianjin, hebei jointly issued by the beijing-tianjin-hebei and surrounding areas fall and winter air pollution in 2017-2018 action plan for comprehensive control of engines - history's most severe "shutdown" will come into effect on November 15. "2 + 26" cities and multi-industries have ceased production.

Scheme is put forward, in heating season November 15, 2017, beijing-tianjin-hebei, and the surrounding area to solve the excess capacity task ahead of schedule, "2 + 26" city complete 72 units, 3.98 million mw coal-fired units, elimination of coal-fired units in order to realize power solution column or flue physical cut, including sanitary, chemical fiber, cloth dyeing and other industries will peak production in the heating season.

In this case, another price rising storm is coming soon, all the China disposable clothing manufacturers,China medical mask suppliers and China disposable suit manufacturers have to prepare themselves mentally...