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The emerging market has huge potential

Dreamy F www.china-disposable.com 2016-05-26 17:56:29
International Competitiveness of the whole China is rising, China is not only in the mainstream market, a firm foothold in developed countries, but is also expanding in emerging markets.According to the just-concluded 119th Canton Fair statistics, the number to be buyers and turnover both increased slightly in November 2013 is the 114th Canton Fair "double down" since the first dual liters.The number of foreign buyers has increased, where "along the way" along the line country the number of buyers increased by 0.80%, accounting for 43.97 percent of the total.

From the whole and in terms of future development, the growth momentum of foreign trade should be quite good.But in this process, we need to further adjust the structure of the market and improving, such as the development and expansion of independent product on the international market needs to be further strengthened to reduce reliance on developed markets in Europe and America these days.

For now, trade between China and the United States, Europe, ASEAN, Japan, Korea and other economies account for a large proportion of our foreign trade, these markets is good or bad influence for the whole foreign trade situation is relatively large.US economic recovery situation is relatively good, but the situation in Europe and Japan is relatively complex, and some developing countries devaluation by a big margin, resulting in poor overall external market environment, which caused a certain impact on Chinese exports.China and "along the way" along the line national and regional trade, although only about a quarter of total trade, but its growth potential.In the future if we can do the homework in emerging markets, expanding foreign trade more space, reduce dependence on US and European markets, the financial crisis in Europe and America Ye Hao, Ye Hao economic fluctuations, the impact on us will be reduced.

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