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The difficulties in high-end disposable medical products development

Dreamy F www.china-disposable.com 2016-04-27 18:38:51
Medical products include non-woven fabric used in medical gowns, masks, caps and surgical drapes used, sheets, etc., which manufactures more disposable nonwovens made of "disposable" products. For a long time, China's non-woven fabric production enterprises as foreign companies nonwoven fabric web provider, is always in the low end of the supply chain of medical products. And foreign products on this chain of processors, branding Suppliers and procurement of medical products for the end user buyers largely "without us play."

European and American medical nonwovens industry after years of development, has formed a complete product supply chain. Serving as a medical institution, needs to discover, validate product, providing consumers with safe, careful; brand suppliers responsible for market development, standards, improve supply chain management; Buyer is responsible for centralized purchasing to reduce costs and provide users with good service . Such a product supply chain and market operation mechanism, to ensure product quality and cost control, and eventually occupied the Chinese and world markets. Compared therewith we are still immature.

A China Textiles Industry Association report on our medical textile pointed out, our health has been occupied Europe and other developed regions of textiles brand most high-end market, the domestic advanced level of equipment of enterprises, supply of raw materials for the brand, poor enterprises in the low-end market price. The report analyzes the restricting factors of the development of medical textiles, the main products of varying quality, functionality and comfort poor; lack of uniform material procurement standards, certification methods and distribution management system, and the lack of quality regulatory agencies; lack of brand awareness strategy .

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