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Textiles Industry Export Market

  • Author:Dreamy F
  • Source:www.china-disposable.com
  • Release on :2016-08-04
United States, Japan and the European Union is the main market of industrial textiles exports. China's exports to major markets in the first half of this year appears different situations.
First, exports to the US $ 2.023 billion, representing a decrease of 2.96%, which in recent years, exports to the US declined for the first time; exports to Japan $ 1.035 billion, an increase of 1.49%, changed over the years exports to Japan decline. Vietnam, the Philippines, exports maintained a high growth rate, especially exports to the Philippines soared by 19.11 percent, industrial coated fabrics, synthetic leather and leather fabric and non-woven fabric is exported to these two countries the main products, accounting for 52.7% of total exports, in addition to medical and health textiles, rope (cable) with exports of agriculture and textiles is relatively large.

Asia is still our country's largest industrial textile market, with exports representing a decrease of 0.18%, exports to Europe as a whole growth of about 1%, which is nearly two years, the first increase in exports to Europe, growth in exports to Oceania 0.56%, exports to Africa and Latin America to decline, particularly exports to Latin America fell by 18.88%. Mexico and Brazil in Latin America, China is the largest exporter, exports decreased by 11.09% and 24.90%.

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