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Surrendered and Telex Release are the same

Dreamy F www.china-disposable.com 2016-06-02 17:12:28
The stamp 'Surrendered' and 'Telex Release' are the same meaning in the worldwide forwarder delivery. Foreign carriers to retain full set of original bills of lading, and inform the agent of the port of destination, the consignee coin stamped with the official seal of the original copy of the bill of lading and letters of guarantee for a single delivery.Telex release bill of lading "is a traditional bill of lading based on an alternative approach. In the boat, using both cargo bill of lading, the bill of lading is proof carrier to deliver the goods, the carrier at the port of destination deliver the goods at the port of destination" recognize single people do not recognize, "no single delivery of goods will have to bear the corresponding legal responsibility.

Telex Release is after the shipper (seller) apply to the shipping company and provide guarantees, application and guarantees provided by the shipping company, telex destination port agent, a consignment for delivery of goods without original bill of lading, the consignee consignee company stamp "electric bill of lading" or fax proof of identity of the goods. The so-called electronic bill of lading, note refers to the shipping company or its agent has issued bills of lading, bills of lading a copy of "Surrendered" or "Telex Release" word.

Due to the different forwarder have different policy, some print "surrendered" on the telex release bill of loading, and some print "Telex Release". Both the two words have the same fuctions.Hope this won't bring any problems to you in the future. As your requirements, we could arrange the original B/L and Telex release to you.Our company is a professional disposable face mask suppliers in China, China disposable coverall manufacturers and China disposable gowns manufacturers.