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Special Report about G20

Dreamy F www.china-disposable.com 2016-09-05 18:29:49
Which five relationships do G20 needs to rationalize? G20 in 2008 from the US to deal with the world financial and economic crisis has played an important role. But because of deep-seated contradictions and crisis of economic development prospects of increased uncertainty, except for a few countries, the global economy is still stagnant, trade and investment growth decline, increasing trade and investment protectionism, resulting in uneven development, distribution does not reasonable. Through all of these issues we need to discuss new programs to meet new challenges. Therefore, how to explore the world economy starts to recover, to ensure the steady growth of the world economy is the main task of the G20. Global economic governance mechanism which means that the G20 is shifting from the original mechanism to deal with the world economic crisis.

In order to accomplish this change, countries must have a shared vision of development, which is to seek common development and win-win cooperation, the establishment of a common destiny. The only way to achieve effective governance of the world economy purposes. To this end, at least the following should straighten out the relationship.

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