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Solutions for Hubei Nonwovens Industry's Problems

Dreamy F www.china-disposable.com 2016-04-17 22:46:45
Currently Hubei Nonwovens Industry's Problems mainly are industrial system is not perfect, high-end equipment mainly rely on imports; innovation system is imperfect, more low-end products, the lack of technology and research; market system is imperfect, non-woven fabric, although not widely used but the standard unified, industry information asymmetry, product promotion, there are many obstacles downstream.

To solve the above problem, Hubei need to explicitly nonwovens industry to adjust focus. Adjustment of product structure, forming a complete industrial chain, focusing on extending medical textile materials, nonwoven technology, "three anti" products and other fields; adjust the investment structure, improve the technological level of industries, guide investment tilted to new equipment, new technologies, new processes, promote school-enterprise cooperation and developing key technologies, enhance integrated innovation capability;adjust the layout structure, improve industrial concentration around the city to highlight its own characteristics, the development of different types of non-woven fabric products, to avoid the homogenization of competition; restructuring the enterprises, support bigger and stronger, to strengthen the development of qualified personnel, the establishment of modern enterprise system, promote management innovation, to achieve intensive, large-scale operation.