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Sino-Thai trade cooperation reached a new height

Dreamy F www.china-disposable.com 2016-05-29 17:14:14

As for our foreign traders, we should know that Sino -Thai Trade Cooperation is becoming closer and closer. Entering 21 century, Sino -Thai Trade Cooperation is developing faster and faster. China has become the third largest exporting market and the second largest sources of exporting country which means the bilateral trade relation is closer and closer. The Chinese company investment to Thailand meet a great chance as a result of many favorable factors like the improvement of trading environment and the flourishing development of Sino -Thai Trade Cooperation. China has become the third largest exporting market and the second largest sources of exporting country.

In the respect of importing, besides mechanical and electrical products, metal and its products, chemical products and textile are the major products exporting from China to Thailand. During the previous cooperation, both governments have done great effort to continually reach a serial of economic and trade agreement, such as trade agreement, agreement concerning scientific and technical cooperation, maritime agreement, Agreement of the Joint Committee on Economic Cooperation, Agreement on the promotion and protection of investment and Agreement on the avoidance of Double Taxation. These agreements will advance the continually developing of bilateral economic and trade relations. Nowadays, as for China, it will further strengthen and launch every agreements with Thailand to ordinate the trade policies and enlarge the scale of export and investment to Thailand. What’s more, China will also improve and develop the Sino -Thai trade cooperation steadily and forwardly.

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