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Seoul court is considering selling Hanjin Company

Dreamy F www.china-disposable.com 2016-09-29 17:24:15
According to trade wind news, Seoul bankruptcy court is considering the sale of Hanjin shipping. However, Choi Ung-young, a judge of the Central District Court, said that the sale of Hanjin Shipping was one of a variety of disposal options, and that the court has not yet decided how best to resolve Hanjin's bankruptcy problem. The judge added that any approach would depend on market conditions.
After the announcement, Hanjin Shipping shares rose to 1250 won (about 1.13 US dollars), or 10%.
The judge announced the possibility of Hanjin shipping news, making Maersk shipping may acquire Hanjin shipping rumors further spread.
At present, the bankruptcy court in Seoul has set up a special committee for review, is expected in November will reach a conclusion. Choi said that the sale of Hanjin to other shipowners is expected to be the best bill to improve investment funds, taking into account industry conditions.
In addition to being the 7th largest consignment company in the world, Hanjin also has a large fleet of bulk carriers. Hanjin Shipping in late August announced bankruptcy protection, must be December 23 to submit a rehabilitation plan to the court.
Hanjin Shipping is currently worth about 280 million US dollars, compared to 1.2 billion US dollars last year, a substantial decline.

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