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Safety protection with the textile industry ushered in the golden period

Orient Honest www.china-disposable.com 2017-03-06 23:06:33
Just a few years time, the security industry has been from a "recommended" development of the industry promoted to the country to vigorously develop the industry. Security protection industry involved in public safety, military and civilian integration, emergency industry and many other areas, but also ushered in the development of the golden period. Industry insiders said that the face of the new stage of development, domestic security companies should not only adapt to as many varieties as possible, small quantities, fast delivery of social needs, strengthen the industry's internal supervision and industrial chain construction, timely adjustment of their own industrial structure, Strengthen the convergence with the relevant industries, for the safety of supplies to expand the market.

Today, more and more countries and regions promulgate mandatory law, requiring special workers must be equipped with appropriate personal protective equipment. Many multinational groups such as Malaysian Oil Company, Shell Oil Company and Alcoa have issued and implemented policies to wear personal protective equipment, and China has adopted or ordered workers to wear personal protective equipment in many industrial fields. And contract employees are required to use personal protective equipment to work to ensure public safety.

The focus of the product development in this area will focus on three areas. First, the prevention and treatment of natural disasters with textiles. Focus on the development of large stress large diameter high pressure water supply and drainage hose, high performance rescue rope net, high strength and high stability functional relief tents and assault boats, high-grade virus and epidemic isolation service, complete rescue emergency package, fast filling plugging fabric, disaster prevention And dangerous areas to strengthen the textile materials and other products. Second, the prevention and emergency treatment of production safety accidents with textiles. Improve the design of the protective clothing, coating development and comfort research to improve the performance of equipment, reliability, intelligence, light and integration level, in the realization of multi-functional, wide protective effect at the same time, taking into account ergonomics and comfort Sexual needs. Speed up the development and promotion of information feedback, monitoring and early warning function of intelligent geotextile. The third is to deal with public safety and health events with textiles. Speed up the development of textile-based anti-terrorism anti-riot equipment, biochemical protection equipment, soft bulletproof equipment, high temperature protection and rescue equipment, home protection fire fighting equipment and other products development and application.