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Protective coverall's development in virus environment

  • Author:Dreamy F
  • Source:www.china-disposable.com
  • Release on :2016-05-16
When it comes to virus outbreaks, we have to mention the world's worst epidemic - the Black Death, because of it, people invented the first protective coverall.Protective coverall development has been subdivided into many protective properties, such as flame-retardant protective coverall, electrostatic protective coverall, medical protective coverall.In some cases, the virus appears to be spread through close contact, and the contact with the patient's health care is inevitable, so the recent increase in reports of infection of health care workers.How to effectively protect the personal safety of rescue personnel, which tested the performance of the current medical protective coverall can become doctors whether a protective barrier.

The world's most advanced medical protective coverall is breathable film non-woven protective coverall, which is characterized by the body's sweat can distribute it out, while the outside of harmful gases and moisture can not invade.However, this protective coverall in front of the Ebola virus Recently raging in Africa, but still have a lot of health care workers infected with the virus, which allow people began to question the health care system of protective measures is perfect, in fact, have been able to present a very protective coverall good for virus protection, but protective coverall to wear off in the process, easily infected.Protective coverall materials from flax wax dip to the current gas permeable membrane nonwoven fabric, its features and appearance have undergone a qualitative change for the MERS virus, the current protective measures can be very complete protection, but also could lead to a new protective coverall, but can confirm that, under the action of protective coverall, people will no longer be plagued by future virus.

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