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Prospects for the development of non-woven industry is optimism but still have

Dreamy F www.china-disposable.com 2016-05-10 11:47:21
In recent years, the traditional textile industry sustained rapid development of emerging areas such as medical textiles, flame retardant, protection, special composite materials, such as textiles also showed a new type of state development, is expected to show in the future industrial development of the textile industry in the prosperous scene.Therefore,make a good analysis of the textiles industry, objective understanding of the development of industry, there is not enough to promote the necessary foundation for effective development of the textile industry.Nonwovens and industrial textiles as China's textile industry's new economic growth point,have a very rapid development in recent years.

However, due to new capacity in recent years are more low-level repetitive, lack of product diversification, some categories of products have been a temporary oversupply, market development is relatively slow, coupled with raw material prices, energy shortages, inter-enterprise intensified competition, sales prices declined sharply, resulting in a vicious competition among enterprises, affecting the healthy development of the industry.In order to achieve sustainable, stable and orderly, healthy development strategy, should be aware of the following aspects:1.Industrial layout is too concentrated;2.For raw materials is clearly insufficient;3.low price competition disrupt the market;4.the future talent Project;5.Energy saving still has a long way to go;6.Market-oriented innovative products. 

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