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Non-woven hygiene materials

Dreamy F www.china-disposable.com 2016-04-19 15:38:36
The Non-woven polymer PP material price is inexpensive, it can withstand ultraviolet disinfection or propylene amine and other commonly used means of sterilization, is very suitable for the production of medical textiles, sanitary materials, bandages and other products to instead of cotton fabric products.

Sanitary materials and medical textiles  which are made of nonwoven fabric are more environmentally friendly because they can be used later as a waste plastic raw materials, recycling and re-melted regeneration. Cotton can produce sanitary materials, non-woven fabrics to produce its most similar products. Such as surgical mat, sterilization packaging, protect the wound material, foot care materials, sanitary masks, hospital bed sheets, drop cloths required for the surgery, doctors outer wear gowns and patient clothing, etc., can be used to manufacture non-woven fabrics .

It is understood that in recent years, only the United States, plus two annual consumption of about 3.3 billion square meters of non-woven materials used in the manufacture of various sanitary materials and medical textiles. American Sanitary annual disposable non-woven materials and medical textiles in total sales total $ 3.4 billion, ranking first in the world; the second largest in Europe, with a total sales of approximately $ 2.3 billion; Japan, China, India and other Asian emerging disposable non-woven industrial hygiene materials and medical textiles number of countries consumption is growing rapidly. Parties predicted that next year the global non-woven disposable hygiene materials and medical textiles market total sales will exceed 50 billion US dollars.

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