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Nearly 200 Hanjin ships details Situation

Dreamy F www.china-disposable.com 2016-09-20 18:44:09
September 18, reporters from Ningbo Cargo Collection (enbport) understand the latest developments at Hanjin Shipping 200 ships.

Among them, the Singapore courts by the temporary ban berthing, lifting time is unknown, all to be docked in Singapore with HANJINROME as offshore waiting.

HANJINROME captain said fuel may adhere to November, hope this can be resolved before the landings. HANJINROME on board KEPCO consortium led by the construction of five container element Emirates (UAE) nuclear power plants.

The HANJINSCARLET been unloaded in the Port of Prince Rupert, is preparing to sail away, the company has been notified because the terminal DPWORLD requirements detained boat. 

HANJINSPAIN been unloaded in the port of Valencia.

HANJINBOSTON after September 14 Long Beach unloading, is expected to September 19 Auckland unloading.

HanjinVienna detained ship is currently in the state, a total of 24 crew members on board.
Ningbo Cargo Collection, said Hanjin shipping bankruptcy cause short-term price soaring, the domestic logistics vehicle re-GB limit and far-reaching reform of the crackdown, China's logistics costs are accounted for as much as 50% of the cost of goods is expected prices will go up.

Our company is a international trading company. The Hanjin issue also effect our business.Hope all the problems could be solved as soon as possible.We are China surgical gown manufacturer,China disposable clothing manufacturers and China disposable suit manufacturers.